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Yes, bigfeet in Calgary! Maybe.

Banff now has Bigfoot. Lots and lots of Bigfoots, in fact.

Yes, it’s an allegation that would have Ripley wondering whether to Believe it or Not, and P.T. Barnum reaching for his cheque book, but the mountains west of Calgary are a hotbed for the huge-footed primates.

That’s the assertion of a dedicated bigfoot research organization based near Calgary, which claims not only to have video and photo evidence of the mythical beast, but DNA proof as well.


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–With a nod to Monster Island News:

Documents Show Feds Believed in Yeti: “Newly unearthed State Department documents confirm for the first time Uncle Sam’s belief that the Abominable Snowman roamed the mountains of Nepal in the 1950s, a finding that has shocked federal officials including the archivist who discovered the papers.”

–Keep up with that busy Montauk Monster here.

Giant red crabs taking over Antarctic.

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It has been a slow few weeks for monsters in the news. They must’ve been taking the last few weeks of August off to gear up for back to school.

In the meantime, enjoy.

New York has a problem with ROUSs (Rodents of Unusual Size)

Giant bird monster captures imagination of kids, adults.

Monsters make playoffs!s

–Check out the monster 21 foot long croc caught (and to be relocated).


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A satellite has identified a monster algae bloom off the New Jersey coast that could soon affect fishing and beachgoers.

Images from the NOAA satellite show a swirling blueish green blob stretching from Brooklyn past Sandy Hook all the way down to Cape May — a distance of more than 100 miles.

Beware of the blob?

A bizarre beast said to combine the characteristics of a kangaroo, dog, rat and deer was captured last week by workers at Prince George’s Hospital Center in Maryland near the nation’s capital.

Technicians on a smoke break wandered near a wooded area and found the strange, nearly hairless animal. The workers took cellphone videos of the beast, and eventually lured it into a cage with Chinese food as bait. Local news reporters interviewed the hospital workers, who offered a variety of opinions about the beast’s identity.


Chinese food is your best bet for catching chupacabras. Little known fact.






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Loch ness monster like beast filmed in Alaska. 

“Alaska may have its own version of the Loch Ness monster, according to prominent cryptozoologists who say a video shows a mysterious marine animal, which they believe is a Cadborosaurus.”

Always with the Cadborosauruses….

–What’s a Loch Ness like beastie without mention of a Chupacabra? This story was released on August 8th, some mysterious road kill in Minnesota. Maybe it’s just a prop left over from Neill Blomkamp’s next flick.

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